What's On TV: Project Runway

Okay I'll admit, Project Runway is one of the few shows that I actually watch and it's the only show that I tune in every week religiously.  And I'm so excited about this season because I actually love all of the contestants.  I think they're all great, even the ones that were in the bottom for a few times.

Anyway, here's a recap of Project Runway Episode 3

So on this episode, the designers were put into pairs and were assigned to design a HUGE garment for their larger than life stilt walker models.   The teams were Bert and Victor, Anthony and Laura, Joshua and Julie, Danielle and Cecilia, Anya and Oliver, Kimberly and Becky, and Bryce with Fallene.
Bert and Victor's Curtain Dress
Team Bert and Victor hated each others guts during the challenge and ended up in the bottom three with a garment that looked like it was made out of curtains.  Guest judge Kim Kardashian tried to make a snarky remark by claiming their dress looked like a scene from the Sound of Music when a dress was made from curtains.  Sorry Kim, but don't you mean Gone with the Wind when Scarlett made a fabulous dress out of her curtains?  Did anyone else catch that blunder?
Bryce and Fallene's Creation--Eh, at least the headpiece was cool.
Anywho, team Bryce and Fallene was suffering as well.  Fallene actually went through a mental breakdown which was well documented by the Lifetime Camera crew (Can't wait to see her explanation on the reunion show!).  She didn't sew one stitch of the dress that was seen on the runway, however, she did make a headpiece that the judges liked.  (In face it was the only part of the look they liked)
Joshua and Julie's Love Child--Ole?
Team Joshua and Julie decided to step out of the box and create a tacky bull fighting inspired costume for their model.  Unfortunately, they were in the bottom three.  When the judges asked who would be sent home, Julie said she wouldn't throw Joshua under the bus and blamed herself for the look, while Joshua agreed that yeah, it was Julie's fault.  So much for standing up for your teammate.
Laura and Anthony's Winning Look
In the end, the winner was the challenge was Laura who took all the credit for the beautiful red dress that her and Anthony created.  I honestly see more of Anthony in the look than Laura, but whatever.  The losers of this competition were Bryce and Fallene and in the end, Fallene was sent home.

Overall this episode was very entertaining.  It was kinda fun watching them get on each other's nerves.  And I can't wait till next week when the designers create a look for judge Nina Garcia.


  1. i´m a huge fan of project runway too, i most like nina garcia she really can be a pain in the ass;)
    the red dress looks absolutely fabulous but i didn´t understand this zig zag pants-one-shoulder-matador-blouse-outfit haha

    love and kiss,mary


  2. those are just insane. project runways the best ,i need to get back into it!


  3. I love Project Runway