Carine Roitfeld Leaves French Vogue with One Last Controversial Shoot

 A page from Carine's "Cadeaux" spread
Earlier last month French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld announced her resigning from French Vogue.  While the fashion world was shocked and disappointed (and making connections to Devil Wears Prada), Carine Roitfeld was planning her dramatic exit.  For her last issue of French Vogue, she creates a spread called "Cadeaux" (gifts) that features what looks to be five year old girls in very adult clothing.
I find these shots really innapropriate for these child models.  They're too young to be posing in leopard print and high heels, but I guess that is the point.  I must admit though that these girls seem to be just as talented as their adult counterparts.



  1. I agree, but you're right, they sure know how to rock it! There's something so strangely wrong about them...