Fashion Terms to Know: Christian Louboutin

We've all seen Christian Louboutin shoes at least once in our lives.  They are worn on every red carpet, are sold at every Neiman Marcus and have that signature tell-all red sole.  And even though the amazing Jeffrey Campbell is the talk amongst shoe lovers everywhere, Christian Louboutin's classic black heel with the red sole (above) is one of the most iconic shoes of all time.
 Over the Knee Boots by Christian Louboutin- $1995 (No longer for sale)
Christian Louboutin was first inspired by the outfits of Paris' showgirls when he was 12.  He was especially fascinated by their high heels.  Fast forward to 1992 when, after finding that his shoes "lacked energy" he applied red nail polish to the soles of one.  It was a success.  
Before the 90's, stilletos weren't what they are today.  With the help of Christian Louboutin, stilletos made a come back and have been lengthing and defining the legs of women ever since.  So thank you Christian Louboutin for bringing back an old favorite.  
And even though high heels hurt our feet, tire our legs and sometimes feel like we're walking on pins and needles, I don't think we'd have it any other way.

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