Fashion Terms to Know: The inspiration board

My Inspiration Board 
Inspiration boards, also known as mood boards,  are supposed to, well, inspire.  They are used by all types of artists as a visual rough drafts that could be shared with a creative team or investors.  Remember those writing webs from elementary school?  It's kind of like that, but with pictures and scraps of fabric and buttons.  Inspiration boards are used by directors, wedding planners, architects and of course, fashion designers.  
When I make a mood board, my main agenda is to create something that would inspire outfits, DIY's, stories and drawings. I only pick photos that I have a sort of connection with.  For example, there's a tiny picture of a girl with a mohawk in leather pants and biker boots.  The cool part is that she's holding a beige Hermes Birkin bag with an Hermes scarf tied on the handle.   Pairing something as sophisticated and classic as a Birkin with rough leather pants and biker boots is my ultimate outfit.  
My Inspiration Board of My Modern Fashion Icons
Oh and I always frame my boards.  As a student, I'm moving from my dorm to house to another dorm and a frame protects the board.  It also gives it a more adult look that's more acceptable to hang up in an office or livingroom.

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