Forever 21's Recipe for Romance Sale

Valentines day is quickly approaching and already, Forever21 has started their sale.  Valentines day was never my holiday; chocolate is fattening, roses die as soon as I touch them, and stuffed animals gives me the creeps.  But hey, I could always enjoy the sales.  Here are my pics from F21's V-day sale.

Longline Lace Bra
I've heard mixed reviews about Forever21's lingerie, but this Longline Lace Bra is too cute to pass by.  I would pair it with a white, slightly sheer button up or if you're feeling daring, wear it under a blazer with high waisted pants.  By the way, it looks fuchsia in the photo, but I believe it's red in person.  $12.80 @ Forever21

Sexy Lace Bodysuit
I absolutely love lace and I'm so excited that it's big this spring season.  This Sexy Lace Body suit should be a spring time staple becaue it's perfect for layering under cropped tops, or wear a bandeau under and a sports jacket on top.  The possibilites of this piece is endless.  $10.80 @ Forever21

V-Neck Knit Sweater in Peach

Pastels were all over Spring Couture Week this year, making this uber comfy, slouchy sweater on trend.  The slouchy sweater is also a spring staple this season, so this V-Neck Knit Sweater a double win.  $17.80 @ Forever21

Glittered Mary Janes
These are possibly the sweetest mary janes I've seen till date, and I could imagine them being worn with a sundress and cardigan on a warm spring day.  $15.80 @ Forever21

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