Gaga and Her New Polaroid Grey Label

 Lady Gaga wearing her GL20 Camera Glasses
Back in April, Lady Gaga worked with Polaroid to create their new Polaroid Grey Label, which was finally unveiled in Vegas two days ago.  The line includes a lot of high tech products such as the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer, Gl30 Instant Digital Camera and the GL20 Camera Glasses that Gaga is wearing above.  The camera glasses are the star of the line.  They remind me of the type of glasses spies would wear that would let you see who was behind you, only better.

What  I really love about the GL20 Camera Glasses is that it is fashionable and functional.  This would make picture taking easier.  You don't have to line up a camera, only your eyes and you won't have to take off your sunglasses to to take a picture anymore.  I bet it would be perfect for the beach.  I'm just curious on how much it weighs and how secure it would be on your face.

There's still no word on when the Polaroid Grey Label would be for sale and how much the the products would go for.


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  1. That is really cool. Being an avid photographer makes me want to buy those glasses... except they will probably cost my wallet :(