Trends That Should NEVER Resurface. Ever.

Thinking back to the 90's, we wore a lot of unflattering things.  People say that the 80's were bad, but I think the 90's and the early 2000's were pretty atrocious too.  You know in the 80's, we wore body con sequin dresses and snazzy sweaters.  In the 90's, we wore baggy pants and Timberland heels.  Do you see the difference?

The Bandana Shirt
I'll admit, when I first saw a MTV dancer wearing a bandana "shirt" I thought it was coolest thing ever and wondered how in the world did she get a small bandana wrapped around or torso.  Looking back on it, I now realize that all it takes is one pull and it's all over.

Half-Way Buttoned Overalls
These were unflattering on anyone over the age of 5.  And to make things worse, it became extra fashionable to leave one buckle unfastened.  Oh the acid wash horror.

Denim On Denim On Denim
Denim suits made a comeback for spring 2011 and winter/fall 2011/2012, but that doesn't mean everyone should jump on the denim love train.  Especially after the world set eyes on this catastrophe during the 2001 American Music Awards.

The Punk-Rocker Girl Tie
I'm all for women in ties and suits.  The androgynous look is timeless and forever chic.  But this stealing your dad's tie and pairing it with a tank for that "effortless rebel look" is not working.  And once the fad caught on, stores started selling ties already attached to the shirt, which just bought the clip on tie to a whole new different level.  Thanks Avril.  


  1. and it al came back this season haha horror but true. Luckily in a different style though. http://trendmaid.blogspot.nl/2013/07/trend-alert-paisley-bandana-shirts.html

  2. the tie look was awesome. I think it should come back. but then again I don't care much about whats in. :p I still do the tie thing :)