Fashion Terms to Know: Pret-a-Porter

We are in the midst of fashion week and currently, designers in London are showing off their pret-a-porter collections.
Emilio de la Morena Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Pret-a-porter, aka ready-to-wear is a major component in the fashion industry.  It is the clothes that consumers are able to buy "off  the rack".  Unlike haute couture clothing that is specially made for the consumer using slower techniques and expert tailoring, ready-to-to wear clothing is manufactured in an industrial environment that allows the clothing to be produced quickly and cheaply.  Pret-a-porter is normally more affordable than haute couture, but the quality is not as great.
Topshop Unique Fall 2011 Read-to-Wear
Right now, everything that you see at London fashion week is pret-a-porter.  So, you could expect to see these looks in stores around the world.  It's really fascinating, in a way.

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  1. topshop unique show was a definite highlight of LFW.

    Helen, X