H&M Goes Eco Friendly with Their New Conscious Collection for Spring 2011

Earlier in the month, H&M announced that they would be extending their Lanvin line with a mini-collection called Waste, which used leftover fabric and notions from the previous Lanvin line.  H&M is continuing on with this eco-friendly trend with their new Spring 2011 Conscious Collection that features clothing made from recycled materials.
This reminds me of last year's Garden Collection, which was made of recycled material as well and if I could remember this right, I think the Garden collection held a more affordable price.  This caused the clothes to look, well, cheap.  So far, H&M isn't advertising their Conscious Collection as affordable, so maybe the quality is better.

What  I really adore about this collection is that it is primarily white, off-white and cream. I really love the idea of a fresh, crisp spring and summer, and what better way to do this is with white?

Photos: H&M

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