Vintage Sundays: Circa 1948

Hello all!  Today, I'm featuring one of my own antique finds.  This dress is from the late 1940's and it's absolutely gorgeous.  I had the zipper replaced, because it was falling out and now the dress is very wearable.  Unfortunately, I have no where to wear it to.
I absolutely love dressing in antique and vintage clothing.  It makes me wonder, who wore this beautiful evening gown and where?  Why did she take such care to preserve it?
The shoes that I'm wearing are also very special to me, because they belonged to my great-grandmother, who was a very stylish lady.  They are Circa Joan & David Shoes that were handmade in Italy.
Dress: Antique 1940's
Shoes: Circa Joan & David Italian Shoes, courtesy of my great-grandmother (maybe from the mid to late 40's)
Gloves: Vintaged, early 90's (Thanks mom!)


  1. Wow I really can't find the words to describe how much I love this dress.
    You look stunning.

  2. Wow beautiful dress you look amazing! I love the deep colour and everything about it is beautiful!

  3. nice blog and posts!i love your outfit posts!!
    following!this vintage frock is superb!
    looking forward to seeing u on my blog as well!!
    kisses from greece!

  4. That's awesome! Some of my favorite pieces were given to me by my grandmother- she has no idea how much I adore them! you've inspired me to do a future post on them :)
    Because everyone is so casual today, it's hard to find the place to wear certain things to- but there are always photo shoots!

  5. Oh my god.. I love vintage, i really do. It would be a dream for me to take photos of it!!!