Fall 2011 Paris Fashion Week: Alexander McQueen

I will always be a die hard McQueen fan, but I (like most other fashion enthusiasts) can't help but be a little more critical of a Sarah Burton's work.  When she first took over, everyone was impressed with the fact that she was able to stay true to McQueen's style with the only change being a slight feminine flair.  But now, for the Fall 2011 season, Burton took a small step out of the "McQueen comfort zone" by merging old McQueen with her own style.
Do I see McQueen in these looks?  Yes, but I also see a lot of Sarah Burton as well.  In this case, I think that the change is good.  Her collection included several strong and memorable looks that instantly made McQueen my favorite of the entire season.  Burton's success only makes me believe that we only have a short amount of time until we see McQueen at Paris Couture Week.



  1. There definitely is a lot of her own style in these looks but that isn't neccesarily a bad thing!

  2. ahh i loved the voluminous gown, breathtaking!

    great post,