Goodbye John Galliano

Galliano after being arrested
Today, it has been announced that Mr. John Galliano has been laid-off from Christian Dior.  Last week, a video has been posted online of Galliano praising Adolf Hitler which caused the designer to be suspended from Dior.  And before that, there is a video of an intoxicated Galliano saying that he loves Hitler.

I absolutely love Galliano's work; he's a genius.  And as a loyal fan, I'm having a difficult time digesting the situation.  Is Galliano racist?  Or is this just a tasteless joke gone wrong?

At first,  I tried not to pass any judgments.  The media has a wicked way of twisting facts.  But after watching this CNN video, which shows a clip of Galliano insulting a cafe worker and stating that their "mothers" and "forefathers" should have been "gassed" and "dead", I was convinced that maybe this time, the media was telling the truth.  Now, Gilliano was drunk when he said this, but you know what they say, "Drunk actions, sober thoughts".

Oh Galliano, you must be kicking yourself and pulling your hair extensions right now.



  1. Honestyle, I find it quite funny. But only for the reason that it's so fucking stupid.. You dont joke about such a thing!
    I love Galliano and his work too. This is so sad.

  2. I'm so sad he must have left Dior by the reason like this... so so sad. But I wish him all the best. pola cherie

  3. It is such a shame for a person to behave this way & especially a public figure like Galliano. He is so talented & because of his ignorance, his career is in jeopardy. I just finished reading a book on WWII this week (i've read many others!) & this was an awful thing - no one deserves the treatment the Jewish people got, I don't wish it on any race.