Why, Hello Stranger

It's been four months and five days since my last blog post, and I've missed blogging everyday.  So what have I've been doing for the last four months?   Well once I got over the stresses of finals week, I started working, taking demanding sumer courses (I swear, I spent THREE DAYS reading a chapter about togas.) and preparing for vacation.  I've just gotten back from a wonderful and relaxing week long stay in Salzhausen and Hamburg Germany where I was able to get a glimpse of European fashion.  I was also able to do quite a bit of shopping.

My Little Hamburg Shopping Haul

I go to Hamburg every year, around the time when nearly every shop hosts their end of summer discounts. And one word that transfers into every language perfectly is "Final Sale".  Everything in the photo above (besides the oxfords) were under 10, including the Cheap Monday jeans (Only €6!!)  
I like my coffee black, like my poetry

The Goods:

Sheer T-Shirt: H&M Men's
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Gold Shorts: H&M
Graphic Maxi Dress: H&M
Oxfords: Deichmann
Beret: Monki
Sunglasses: H&M

I cannot wait to go shopping in Europe again!


  1. Looooove those gold shorts! x

  2. Wow. I am going to Hamburg next month. Your loot is inspiring...
    Thank you for the blog comment.