Walmart Pickin' Part II (And a bonus outfit!)

Heavy duty glue, aquatic fish tank tube thing and metallic spray paint.  I wonder what the cashier thought of me.

So yesterday, I spent the afternoon working on my first Walmart DIY.  I wanted to create a cool, airbrushed, tye-dyed, kinda weird jean using the metallic gold spray paint.  Best $3.45 spent.  There's so much I could do with that spray paint, oh the jeans were just the beginning!
Top- French Connection, Belt- a really really big dog collar, necklace- DIY, Jeans-DIY, Booties- Marshalls

To create the jeans, I just laid them out on the grass in the blistering hot sun and applied 3-4 layers of spray paint.  I tried to get some paint splatter on their too by shaking the can horizontally as I went along.  I also tried to do less on the knees, to give a worn look.

As for the fish tank air tube thing, I'm in the process on working on a cool belt which would probably show up in an outfit post later on in the week.  The jeans though are my pride and joy.

Dress- H&M, Belt- DIY, Necklace- Forever21, Boots-Vintaged (90's? 80's?), Headband- Banana Republic

Oh and totally off topic, but this is  a dress that I brought recently from H&M.  When I brought it home and tried it on for the first time (I rarely use dressing rooms), I hated it.  Discouraged I clipped the receipt to it and stuck it in my closet (BTW that's a great tip.  If you're not sure about a new purchase, paperclip the receipt to the price tag so it won't get lost.)  
But after seeing a few other bloggers rock it in different colors, I figured it wasn't too bad.  So I quickly whipped up a belt and tried it on again today with a few other accessories.  Now I love it and I can't wait to take the price tag off and wear it.

P.S. I made the belt out of an old broken handbag strap in case you're wondering.


  1. Those jeans are gooorgeous!! Can't believe it was DIY, they're brilliant! x

  2. great jeans, you should do a full out DIY for them! they're great,


  3. What a fab job you did on those jeans! Amazing! And, I love the dress too.

  4. i love the black and white outfit ur wearing!

  5. really nice! you look stunning!!!! i really enjoyed reading your blog. it's amazing.

    following your blog now.


  6. This white dress is so cute!!!
    Love it!

  7. I love your jeans! : ) Great DIY idea!


  8. WOW! this is such a cool idea! you are definitely talented


  9. So jealous! They only had the dress in yellow at my store. I hated it in the dressing room too, but I added a belt and it was perfect. Thanks for following and commenting! I'm following you too ;)


  10. I love the first outfit! And the second , I love how you accessorised it , and it looks great :D
    Just been looking at your blog, it's awesome, I'm now following. :) come and check out my blog too ;)

    Emilie x