Net-A-Porter's Black Friday/Cyber Monday 50% Off Sale!

Black Friday is my favorite day of the year.  Last year, I shopped for 14 hours, spent about $300, and survived with a $20 coach wallet, $150 Miss Sixty Peacoat and $15 Michael Kors earmuffs to tell the tale.

This year, I decided to slim back a bit since I'm a po' college student who spent most of Thanksgiving slaving away over a hot stove.  Also, I just wasn't in the mood to wake up at 2:00am sharp armed with coupons and a espresso this year.  But before I reveal what I bought, let me share with you what I wish I could have bought from Net-A-Porter's Black Friday Sale.

Oh sweet cozy pull-over, why can't you be mine??
I have a very uhhh..unhealthy obsession with pullovers this season.  Specifically chunky knit pull overs with studded panels on the shoulders.  I'm actually knitting a blue one as we speak.  Elizabeth and James- Originally $465, Sale Price $325

^Le Sigh.
Now this Black Friday, I meant to buy a winter coat or jacket.  But atlas, this search was never completed, so now I must drool shamelessly over this as seen on the runway Alexander McQueen shearling and floral appliqué brocade coat.  Alexander McQueen- Originally $15,995, Sale Price $9,597

Must buy more printed pants...

Rag & Bone can do no wrong, especially when it comes to their denim.  These to-die-for corduroy pant are not too badly priced.  Rag &Bone- Originally $190, Sale Price $114

DIY Anyone? Hmm...
These suede, 5 inch high, golden heeled Marni Booties are not only luxe, but easier to wear than it looks.  Oh, if only, if only... Marni- Originally $1,005, Sale Price $502.50

Reminds you of one of those 1970's poison rings right?

Yves Saint Laurent really outdid themselves with this brass faux-pearl ring.  I'll take two, s'il vous plait!  Yves Saint Laurent- Originally $595, Sale Price $416.50



  1. oh wow this poison ring is absolutely beautiful i want it!!!

  2. Ooo that coat is only $9K??? lol! Gorgeous selections...I have not perused the netaporter sale. Too dangerous.

  3. That McQueen coat is beyond fabulous, but it's price is also 'fabulous' :)

  4. Love this white outfit.*_*
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  5. I kept seeing people talking about Black Friday on twitter and I had no idea what it was! I understand it now after reading this :) I love how pink your blog is <3
    Love Holly x

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