Fur Coats

The fur coat really came back with a vegence this winter.  And faux fur coats have become more acceptable (yay!).  And with all the snow that fell in NY and NJ, a nice warm fur or faux fur coat is just what we need!  Here are some of my picks (In no particular order) of faux fur coats.

I love when high-end designers use faux-fur.  It makes me proud as a vegetarian.  But besides that, I love the stripes.  From the photo, it looks like stripes of sheared and unsheared faux fur.  $595 @ net-a-porter.

I think my favorite thing about this coat is the color.  The coloring is really lovely and it's shape looks perfect for layering.  $400 @ Top Shop

Twelve by Twelve is my favorite shop in Forever 21.  The prices are slightly higher, but are still beyond affordable.  I love the buttons and the little broach that's on the collar of this coat.  It just gives it a vintage feel that I adore.  Oh, and the price is right. $49.00 @ Forever21.

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