Paparazzi: Lady Gaga is Crowned 2010's Best Cover Girl, Taylor Swift as the Worst

Lady Gaga dominated the magazine covers of 2010.  Her September Rolling Stone Cover (above) sold a whopping 245,000 copies.  And in that same month, she posed for the cover of Vanity Fair and sold 450,000, which is, by the way, Vanity Fair's second best of the year (With Mrs. Angelina Jolie being the first).

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift, America's sweetest blonde didn't fair so well.  Her cover for Elle was the worst selling Elle mag of the year until October and her April Vanity Fair, cover wasn't much of a success either.  Unfortunately, it was Vanity Fair's third worst selling issue until October.  Fellow blonde Blake Lively didn't do so well either, with her June Vogue cover, which was the worst selling Vogue magazine of the year.
Lady Gaga in Vanity Fair's September issue
The reason behind these figures are simple: Lady Gaga is simply more interesting.  Her interviews are memorable with her kooky responses and outfits.  She's probably one of the best performers of the decade because she's just extraordinary good at catching the readers' attention.  Oh, and the fact that she wasn't wearing the stereotypical cover girl outfit of a cocktail dress probably helped boost sales too.
That being said, I love T-Swift.  She's the all-American girl with her wholesomeness and nice smile.  But Lady Gaga is a pro when it comes to interesting interviews and editorials.


  1. LOVE that last photo of Gaga- not really loving her Rolling Stone cover though, I thought it was kinda 'eh.' Gaga really has that mystique that America is intrigued with, while Tay is just the sweet-as-pie American girl. Plus she's done so many covers and interviews. Cool post and thanks for stopping by :)