Urban Outfitters' New Bridal Line, Bhldn

There has been much talk about Urban Outfitters launching a bridal line over the past year, and finally, its due to debut next week on Valentines day.  It's called Bhldn (pronounced Beholden), and already, it's the talk amongst fashion enthusiast everywhere.   Urban Outfitters is being super secretive about what Bhldn consists of, but judging by the bits and pieces shown on the main website and by WWD, the line looks to be very ethereal, vintage inspired and organic.  The line  also includes event dresses, which would be priced from $200-600.  The wedding dresses would go for $1000-$4000.
I don't think I would ever purchase my wedding gown from Urban Outfitters, but I still can't wait to see the rest of the line.



  1. Really interesting post, I can't wait to see the rest of the line too. xoxo

  2. It is actually Anthropolgie, not UO that is releasing the line. I know they are the same company but the aesthetic is very different.

  3. It looks that way, but I find that WWD is the most reliable fashion source out there and they say that the line belongs to UO and would not be sold at Anthropoligie. That being said, Bhldn really resembles something that would be sold at Anthropologie, but they are sister companies after all.